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Oct 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
with women voters. >> they brought us whole binders full of women. >> james hoffa on the president's china smackdown. >> governor, you're the last person who's going to get tough on china. >> and call the wambulance again. >> the problem is, candy crowley sort of waded in to help the president. >> they should just eliminate moderators overall. >> thanks for watching tonight, focus. if you saw president obama today, you noticed a little spring in his step. the president was back on the campaign trail in the state of ohio today, fresh off his successful debate performance. it's pretty obvious, the president thinks last night went pretty well for him. especially his tobacattacks on romney. >> so let's recap what we learned last night. his tax plan doesn't add up. his jobs plan doesn't create jobs. his deficit reduction plan adds to the deficit. we've been there. we've tried that. we're not going back. we're moving forward. that's why i need your vote. we've got to finish what we started in 2008. >> the president feels good and so does his base. he turned around a lot of dejected supporters wi
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. i love big bird. >> david k. johnston on romney's huge tax lie. james hoffa of the teamsters on romney's 108 on his feelings for the american middle class. and ohio state senator nina turner on what last night's debate means for the buckeye state. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. if it were just only a game, right? the presidential debate last night was ugly. it was an ugly night because the truth left the building. it took a beating. give mitt romney credit, though. he was an all-american liar last night. and the president seemed to leave his best material, his best game at home. for millions of americans, it was extremely hard to watch mitt romney lie the way he did and get away with it. >> first of all, i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut. i don't have a tax cut of the scale that you're talking about. my view is we ought to provide tax relief to people in the middle class. >> the lie is so outrageous, it's breathtaking. mitt romney has campaigned across this country promoting a 20% reduction in the tax rate. his plan would give the richest 1% of
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
by the university. >>> a big dig for jimmy hoffa remains turns out to be a big bust. the sample continue contain any human remains. a man dying of cancer recently told police he saw a man burying a body there the night hoffa disappeared. the former teamster's boss was last seen about 30 miles away from that area. >>> this morning the washington humane society needs your donations to help a dog that was stabbed seven times. the 2-year-old shih tzu was stabbed by her owner during a g domestic dispute and will need a lot of rehab. cocoa's owner was arrested. his name has not been released. more charges could be filed. >>> animal control removed 40 animals from a home in one of the most unique cases of animal hoards ever. last thursday officers seized a pig, snakes, a skunk, even a gold fish. many animals did not have food or water. the owner 21-year-old shane taylor says news 4 he is not a hoarder and he denies the animals were neglected. >> this is the lowest i've ever been in my life. for the size of the property that maybe there were too many animals. were they neglected? absolutely not. >> animal c
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
teamsters boss, jimmy hoffa? coming up income, could investigators get a huge clue today? >> plus, hong kong's worst accident in well over a decade. the latest on the deadly boating accident. we are checking more headlines coming up. stay with us.  [ male annououncer ] we the people, the middle class, who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000, while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild america by tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> in hong kong, more than 30 people are dead and dozens more injured following a boating accident. a boat carrying 121 utility workers to celebrate china's national day collided with a ferry last night. officials say the boat sank shortly after. the rescuers are still working to recover more bodies this morning. >> north korea is warning that u.s. policy is hostile an is pus
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm CDT
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Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
is with teamster's president james hoffa. stay with us. >>> first of all, i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut. i'm not looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. let me repeat what i said. i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan. >> that was mitt romney trying to rewrite his position on taxes. romney proved last night he is a very polished well rehearsed and unapologetic liar. now the president called him out on it. but romney was very effective at ignoring the president's attempts at fact checking. earlier this year, romney, himself, admitted the truth. >> number one, i say today we're going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by 20%. including the top 1%. >> now, we shouldn't be surprised when romney's own website contradicts itself. one section of the website, romney insists he'll make permanent across the board 20% cut in marginal tax rates. in a document on another part of romney's website, romney says he'll maintain marginal rates at current levels. so, which is it? well, if we are to believe that mitt romney has been saying out on the campaign trail, he'll lock in th
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and james hoffa lay out the game plan to deliver ohio for president obama. >> i don't blame that baby for crying. she just realized what it means if romney gets elected. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. a republican senate candidate out of the state of indiana showed voters, especially women, exactly what is at stake in this election. >> you know, this is that issue that every candidate for federal or even state office faces. and i, too, certainly stand for life. i know there are some who disagree and i respect their point of view, but i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for, to have an abortion , is in tha case of the life of the mother. i just, i struggled with it myself for a long time. but i believe life is that gift from god, and even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> richard mourdock is fighting in one of the most hotly contested senate seats in the country. mourdock was compelled to answer reporters' questions today about his comments on rape.
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
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FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
from -- the samples in michigan, rather, are not jimmy hoffa. there is no human remains under there. they took that soil sample. they analyzeed the sample but there were no human remains beneath that michigan driveway. remember, a witness said that he saw a body being buried there about the time that jimmy hoffa disappeared in 1975. now we have learned there was nothing there. the driveway stays. jimmy hoffa remains a mystery. >> the u.s. consulate in benghazi faced more than a dozen security threats this year alone before the attack that killed four americans. that is according to top g.o.p. lawmakers who say they have learned the u.s. officials denied requests for increased protection in libya. no word on which department the officials work for. the california congressman issa and utah congressman have sent a letter to secretary of state, hillary clinton asking how much her staff knew about the dangers at the consulate. yesterday, the state department announcedit had pulled out all personnel after the assault. >> catherine, you obtained state department letters about security at c
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, news4 of the. >>> a developing story in the search for jimmy hoffa. investigators now say a promising tip did not solve the decades-old mystery. a soil sample taken from a backyard in roseville, michigan, didn't could not taken any human remains. a man dying of cancer recently told police that he saw men burying a body there the night hoffa disappeared back in 1975. hoffa, the former teamster's boss was last seen about 30 miles away from that area. >>> still ahead, remembering the sniper attacks that paralyzed our region ten years ago. we're going to revisit some of those whose lives were forever changed in those awful days. >>> plus, a new kind of mammogram that is finding the smallest tumors ever detected. allowing women to get treatment for breast cancer earlier than ever. >>> and video that may prove that someone is always watching. we'll show you why this is no accident. >>> and we are looking for the biggest nats fans. send us photos of your kids, your pet, even yourself decked out in nats colors. wendy is doing it. she is all >>> a potentially invaluable tool to screen for brea
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
infections in those two groups. >>> dig for hoffa's remains turned out doing a big bust. the soil sample did not contain any human remains. a man dying of cancer told police he saw men burying a body there the night hoffa disappe disappear disappeared. hoffa was last seen about 30 miles away from that area. >>> italian scientists are searching for what could be the real life mona lisa. experts believe the wife of a rich merchant may been the model. she was buried in a florentine convent and scientists have been working to find her skull. experts say they can reskruconst her face and compare to the painting. >>> an italian man climbed to the ledge of the dome at st. peters about a silica and lowered himself down to a ledge nearly 50 feet in the air. a friend says the man owns a bar and is angry about a plan to change the way licenses are auctioned off. >>> we're getting a sneak peek at the "today" show entintervie mark zuckerberg. he says he had 20 identical gray t-shirts and keeps his shirts in one drawer and his wife rules the closet. you can watch the full interview tomorrow on the "today"
Oct 25, 2012 2:00am PDT
. i am certain he knew where the body of jimmy hoffa was buried when you got done listening to the rumors. now, the lapd uses home with industries as an integral part of its anti-gang efforts. not all of them, not 9000 members, but i can tell you this, homeboy industries have their annual benefit to honor people in the community as well as former gang members, the person they honored was chief charlie of the lapd. unless you think that was an anomaly, the year before they honored the sheriff. there is an alliance between community-based organizations, and law-enforcement. this is not enough. there has also been in the streets, ongoing, a relationship, a delicate one, a thoughtful one between the loss angeles police department and gang intervention. interventionists are former gang members. they have to be very careful about how they play out the relationship. they do not want to be snitches. but they want to stop the bleeding. i cannot tell you the complete shock that i have felt as i have sat down with veteran members of the lapd staff, and they talked about the important w
Oct 3, 2012 5:30pm EDT
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Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
for the jimmy hoffa remains turned out to be a big bust. it was in a backyard near detroit and they dug up the concrete floor of a shed acting on a tip. they took soil samples -- samples and took them off and the samples revealed no trace of human remains. still to come, patients who undergo cancer treatment often lose their hair and can take a serious toll on their self esteem. how to get through the tough time. >> what a big range of temperatures right now where we have 70 + up to our north, 80's toward the shore. we will have details on what is causing this and when the rain will be gone. this is a live look at ocean city. 78 in ocean city. >> a snack company issues a recall for its popcorn amid growing concerns of wisteria contamination. the popcorn is voluntarily recalling its products. there are bags that could be affected and there were distributed after august 8 and are best by dates between february 4 and march 12 of next year. wisteria can call-like symptoms and is dangerous to pregnant women and young children and the elderly. there's a new report on weight- loss. the report by
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 2:00am PDT
dead end in the search for jimmy hoffa's remains. michigan police say they didn't find human remains under a shed in roseville. police took soil samples last week after a tip from a man on his death bed. he claimed he saw a body being buried at the house in 1975. hoffa disappeared from a parking lot near detroit. have have been several tips over the years. >>> now a different orbit tomorrow to avoid hitting space junk. nasa says debris from an old japanese satellite might come too close to the station. that is your 5@5:00. >>> it is time for another look at who is talking and brand new developments out of libya. letters obtained by fox news appear to show the company getting in charged of protecting benghazi. the letters documented dispute between blue mountain libya and security license holder and operation holder mckay. the train -- the security firm actually felt the level of security that was provided by the locals at the consulate was quote substandard. it also described the situation there as unworkable. reports also show when the libyans tried to bring in an american contracto
Oct 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
in the efforts to find jimmy hoffa. what they found when we cover the nation. >> this is 795 at cut veirs mill road. there is a lot of fog out there >> welcome back. you can see some thick fog. the visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile in some neighborhoods. there is some drizzle out there as well. even some rain showers. you can see some rain showers going across parts of cecil county on the eastern shore. we'll start with low clouds and fog and drizzle and maybe some rain showers. then i think some sunshine will break through later this afternoon. a slight chance for a shower. high temperature near 81. when we come back, we can we cawe will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> pennsylvania's controversial voter i.d. act will not have any effect on the election. the law could still take effect next year. >> a big dig for jimmy hoffa's remains turned out to be a big bust. there were acting on a tip that his remains were buried underneath. they took some samples. the samples show no sign of human remains. >> so the search goes on. >> 5:13. 70 degrees at
Oct 3, 2012 5:30am EDT
hoffa is still missing. the latest search for his remains, for the former teamster boss in michigan came up empty. police took soil samples from a home after a man said he saw a body being buried there when hoffa disappeared back in 1975. tests showed no evidence of human remains. >>> american airlines' investigation into those loose seats has turned up six problem planes. the airline identified 40 boeing 757s that needed to be inspected. so far it's checked out about 36 of those planes and six have had issues. the rest of the planes are already back in service. >>> a conference at morgan state university today is going to focus on minority adlessents and teenagers are being treated in maryland's criminal justice system. it's going to focus on whether minority use, whether they're disproportionately represent inside prison. >>> u.s. births have fallen forethe fourth consecutive year. the decline in 2011 was just 1%, not as much as in year's past. analysts say the decline is proof that the economy is making some people think twice about having children. >>> the secretary of education wa
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm CDT
to announce the results today of a new search for jimmy hoffa. two soil samples were taken from beneath a storage shed at a home outside of detroit and sent to a lab last week. the home was once owned by a bookmaker. investigators received a tip from an elderly man who claims he saw a body buried on the property a day after hoffa disappeared in 19-75. it's believed he was killed by the mob. police say if the samples contain human remains, they will begin a larger excavation of the area. >>just ahead dean richards interviews cyndi lauper live in our studio! >>why parents might see an increase in diaper prices. >>national dessertú=tg id >> live from the new york stock exchange there is some changes in medicare to tell you about that could impact patients. starting today medicare will be finding hospitals that we admit to many patients within 30 days of discharge because of medical complications. the blast at a factory in japan could lead to a shortage of a chemical used in diapers to make them absorbent. i cannot say when production will resume. analysts predict that it could take six
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
life story" goes on sale today. >>> the search for jimmy hoffa's body did not return up any remains. a man said he saw someone buried around here the same time hoffa disappeared in the summer of 1985. an initial scan showed something under the skeet. police -- the concrete. police dug for two samples. >>> a bipartisan event provides an opportunity for congressional candidates to reach out to a growing constituency in virginia. it's estimated 170,000 arab americans now live in the commonwealth which is twice the number it was 30 years ago. >> it's estimated that arab american votes make up -- [indiscernible] -- i think in close elections it's -- it could decide the winner, whether it's presidential or the senate. >> virginia's most recent arab american immigrants come from the african countries of egypt, more rack company and sudan. they live in 97 out of the 134 counties in virginia. >>> our time right now 4:36. today is expected to be mild for the most part. howard is back in two minutes with a look at what else you should expect. >> amazon's answers to the new nook goes on sale to
Oct 2, 2012 4:25am EDT
samples that will help determine whether the remains of jimmy hoffa could be buried in a residential area of the city. the findings should be released today and they should be able to tell police whether human remains are present. the teamsters boss disappeared almost 40 years ago and his fate remains a mystery. >>> occupy protesters are expected to continue today with a veterans march planned at noon at freedom plaza. this week marks the one-year anniversary since the group began protests here in d.c. they want to bring new attention to the same issues that made them begin the movement in the first place last year. >>> president barack obama is still at a desert resort huddling with advisors as he gets ready for tomorrow's first debate with republican mitt romney. romney made a campaign appear snow is in denver and told the crowd he would honor temporary work permits for young illegal immigrants because of an executive order signed by the president. >>> call day lose-win. the phillies beat the nationals 2-0 last night but the second place braves also lost which clinches the nationals' fi
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
was convicted of molesting boys but maintains he's innocence. >>> jimmy hoffa's remains are not under the driveway of a michigan sur bub ban home -- sur bush ban home. hoffa disappeared in 1975. the day he disappeared he was supposed to meet with a teamsters boss. >> do they fix that guy's driveway or do they just leave? i don't know. >> there's an app for that. >>> 4:38. morning fog is expected to clear by the afternoon. howard is back in two minutes with a look at the forecast. >>> at 4:42. samsung can claim a victory over apple inside the u.s. >>> new research subjects fewer teenagers are getting behind the wheel drunk. >>> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the
Oct 24, 2012 10:00am PDT
much. thanks for coming on. and up next, teamster's president james hoffa joining us. the drive to turn out the vote in ohio. >>> well, folks you probably heard the rumor that ohio is going to pick the next president of the united states of america. >> in the battle for ohio beau sides are targeting union households. our new poll shows that mitt romney is gaining, union support grown from 34 to 43%. joining me is james hoffa, president the of the international brotherhood of teamsters, of course trying to mobilize union workers in ohio and elsewhere for president obama. what about the appeal of mitt romney, he says that day one he will beat up on china as a currency manipulator that president obama has not been tough enough on china and other countries. is there a broad appeal to union workers who are feeling this economic pinch, perhaps more than anyone? >> absolutely not. you have to remember that mitt romney is a guy that said let detroit go bankrupt, and he also meant let ohio go bankrupt. the auto industry's very important. we're out there working very hard in ohio. i've already ma
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >>> the latest search for jimmy hoffa has turned up nothing but dirt. police were searching a backyard in suburban detroit where a credible tipster told them a man, possibly the long missing former teamsters boss, had been buried some 37 years ago. soil samples gathered at the site turned up no traces of hoffa or any other human remains. hoffa was last seen in the summer in 1975 about 30 miles from the site of the latest tip. >>> for the fourth year in a row the u.s. birth rate has dropped but only by 1% suggesting the effects of the weak economy may be coming to an end. the steepest decline is among hispanics who exports perts say are disproportionately affected by a bad economy. the high school sophomore elected to homecoming court as a cruel prank got a huge surprise today. whitney kopp was speaking to ryan seacrest on his radio share about the weekend homecoming event when one of her music idols phoned in. >> whitney, i want you to just say hello to adam. he's on the phone with us right now, too. >> hey, whitney. >> hi. >> what's up? >> nothing. >> how are you? how was the dance? i
Oct 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
the search for jimmy hoffa's body. that story is coming up. >> plus, the president and mitt romney have two more days to get ready for their first debate. >> ahead in sports, the redskins are back to 500 after nearly letting a big lead slip right through their fingers. we'll be back. >> your weather first on this monday morning. grab a jacket. 40s and 50s out there. a little fog north and west of town from some of the showers yesterday evening that left a little moisture in. we may see low 70s this afternoon. here's a look at the day planner. clouds will be increasing while we'll have morning sunshine. upper 60s, maybe low 70s with a chance for a few showers late this afternoon. best chance of that will be west and southwest of d.c. i'll be back in about five minutes talking about some rain for tuesday. right now over to beverly farmer. she'll let you know what's happening with your morning commute. >>> what's not happening is the road work. they cleared it between fredricksburg and 17 falmouth. that's the good news. northbound 95 moving at a better pace now finally coming up from route 3 a
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
samples that will help determine whether the remains of jimmy hoffa could be buried in a residential neighborhood. the findings should be released today. hoffa of course was the steamsters boss who vanished almost 40 years ago. a new tip led to the search. police are not sure the time line of the tipsters account matches up with hoffa's death but investigators say we should learn more today. tony? >>> in local news, four women studying at american university were fondled near campus in just the last week. and yesterday, the university issued a campus alert about the attacks. they started on september 24. and were all reported to cams police yesterday. the women say they were approached from behind. while walking on massachusetts avenue. near the campus. >>> new this morning, prince george's county police are asking for the public's help in solving a deadly hit-and-run. the victim has been identified as 55-year-old michael eugene white. and police believe white was walking along silver hill road, saturday night, around 8:30, when he was struck. police say the car was a white chevy imp
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am PDT
checking out a tip, police near detroit say missing teamster's boss jimmy hoffa is not buried in the driveway of a home. neither is anyone else. >>> well, now here as an early look at how wall street's going to kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,482 after losing 32 points yesterday. the s&p was up a point. the nasdaq gained six. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei fell 39 points but in hong kong the hang seng added 47. >>> well, a mixed day on the street could be the story for much of the week. on tuesday material stocks stalled the dow after the country's largest fertilizer company reported weak global demand. >>> meanwhile, news that spain will not ask for a bailout also worried investors but safe havens helped the s&p stay in the black. >>> the uneven trend is likely to last through friday ahead of the monthly jobs report. speaking of which, new congressional research finds almost 2,400 people who received unemployment back in 2009 lived in households with annual incomes of $1 million or more. all right. back on the street, news that t-mo
Oct 3, 2012 2:00am PDT
out a tip, police near detroit say missing teamsters boss jimmy hoffa is not buried in the driveway of a home, neither is anyone else. >>> starting friday night, magician david blaine is going to stan in the middle of 1 million electrical volts for three days without any food. his body suit and metal helmet will keep him safe inside the lightning storm. the real danger will come from sleep deprivation and deadly gases. >>> here's your "first look" at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. the president has recently been outspending mitt romney in a key swing state. "the new york times" reports that over the last two weeks in colorado, president obama's campaign and its allies ran seven television commercials for every five ads run for mitt romney. >>> seems free will is still surviving the 2012 presidential campaign so far. a poll in "usa today" finds that 18% of romney supporters and 24% of those who say they back president obama could still change their mind based on what happens in the debates. >>> and according to pugh research, more than six in ten voters are likely to watc
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 137 (some duplicates have been removed)